Monday, November 28, 2011

Be Mindful!

உழுவதோரெருத்தினை நுகங்கொடுபாய்ந்து ஊட்டமின்றித் துரந்தாலொக்குமே

This is from Nacchiyar Thirumozhi (1-9) "தொழுது முப்போது முன்னடி வணங்கி" - "thozhudhu muppOdhu munnadi vanNanGgi" hymn. Andal, due to intense suffering arising from Krishna's separation, takes the agency of Kamadeva. 

She tells Manmatha, "O Kamadeva! Though you are like my son, I am seeking your agency respectfully to unite Krishna with me! My worship, this, should not fail. If it runs waste, you would incur terrible sin." What is the nature of the sin? Here, Andal offers a comparison. "Your act would become similar to that of a farmer who uses his oxen for ploughing the field but beats them and chases them away without feeding them. You will incur the sin of that farmer! So, you cannot take all this worship from me and ignore my request to unite me with Krishna. Be conscious of what is expected from you!"

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