Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Bitter Sweet

15. கட்டியும் கைத்தாலின்னாமையறிதியே 
In second decade of Nacchiyar Thirumozhi, Andal takes the mood of gopikas who are in the state of anger, that arises when the lover fails to stand up to their love. They would have suffered several days and nights in separation from their lover that they would take Him to task on His first appearance.

When Krishna approached the Gopikas, they pretended to be busy with something else and ignored Him. He tried to impose Himself upon them. They pushed Him aside, "We know not with how many damsels Thou spent Thy merry times. Do not touch us with those same hands." Astounded by this reply, Krishna says, "O Gopikas! Haven't you told Me that I am like honey, fruit, nectar and milk to you? Whence has this changed? Who do you think I am?" Saying so, He showed them His true form bearing His divine conch and divine discus, and smiled upon them.

They tell Him, "சுடர் சக்கரங்கையிலேந்தினாய்! கட்டியும் கைத்தால் இன்னாமை யறிதியே கடல்வண்ணனே!" 'chudar chakkarangaiyilEndinAy! kaTTiyum kaiththAl innAmaiyaRidiyE kaDalvaNNanE!' - "It is true that Thou art most beautiful and most enjoyable. However, haven't Thou heard that even sweets taste bitter to the sour tongue?" The meaning is, the Gopikas have soured by Krishna's prolonged separation. As a result, they are hurt even by His enjoyable presence, like the sour tongue tasting bitterness from even sweets.

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