Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Divine Bee

7. minnanaiyanuNNiDaiyAr virikuzhalmEl nuzhaindavaNDu innisaikkum villiputthUr - Srivilliputthur, the city of the singing bee that likes the elaborate hair of women with lightning-like waists

Courtesy: Pbase ramanujadasargal

This is Periyazhwar Thirumozhi 2-2-6. To the average eye, there is no significant figure of speech here. Srivilliputthur is the place of a bee. This bee sings as it enjoys the beautiful elaborate hair of women whose waists are as slender and sharp as lightning. The comparison of waists to lightning exists; true; but of what consequence is it?
Kanchi Swami throws light on the esoteric aspect of this otherwise innocent verse. This verse is sung on the unique relationship between Andal and Vadaperunkoiludaiyan. How? The bee, spoken here is none other than the Lord Himself. Nammazhwar names the Lord in his Thiruvoymozhi as "thUviyampuLLuDait theiyvavanDu" or the Divine Bee. The damsel with lightning-like waist and beautiful hair is Periyazhwar's own daughter Andal. The Lord only accepts the garlands that have decorated Andal's hair. The Divine Bee likes to enjoy the relationship of this damsel's hair. This Bee happily resides in Srivilliputthur.
The best of truths are always secrets, aren't they?

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