Monday, November 14, 2011

Naughty Krishna gets a reprimand!

9. puNNiR puLippeydAlokkunthImai - misdeeds akin to pouring tamarind essence over wound
Courtesy : ISKCON

In Periyazhwar Thirumozhi 2-9-1, veNNey vizhungi hymn, a lady pours out the problems caused by Krishna to His mother Yasodha. "puNNiR puLippeydAlokkunthImai purai puraiyAlivai ceyyavalla ... maganaippeRRa asOdai nangAiy un maganaik kUvAiy" - "O nice lady, Yasodha! You have got such a wonderful son who takes delight in performing misdeeds in every house of this village. Please call Him back. His actions are like pouring tamarind essence onto our wounds." Pouring tamarind essence on the wound would heighten the pain and irritation.
The same comparison is also used by Andal in Nacchiyar Thirumozhi 13-1 "puNNiR puLippeydARpOlap puRaninRazhagu pEsAdE". However, the usage is for a different reason. Andal is suffering from separation from Krishna; she is already hurt. In addition, her relations pour unnecessary advice in a futile bid to comfort her. Their words heighten her pain and thence she uses this comparison.

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  1. nice post swamin. yeah. andal uses lot of phrases from her father. kannan oda kadhaigalaye ooti ooti valathirukiraar. lucky Andal. actually lucky periyazhwar to get Andal as daughter. no surprise that she follows her father's words.Munnor mozhindha murai thappamaal....melayar seivanagal.