Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Come here O maidens! The best gems and gold of the world are here!

3. muththum maNiyum ... thalaippeydARpOl - With toes like gems and gold!

Courtesy: Sri Krishna Swamy
Periyazhwar sings in the voice of Yasodha in Periyazhwar Thirumozhi 1-2-2 as he sets out to describe the toes of Baby Krishna. The mention of a few gems is representative of the whole set. Rubies, pearls, corals, emeralds, yellow and blue sapphires, diamonds, hessonites and chrysoberyls shine on the toes of His feet. These nine gems alongside gold constitute the ten toes of Krishna.

Isn't it customary to apply henna decorations to the toes of children? If it is true for ordinary children, it must be done several times better for the divine Lord Himself manifest as Krishna. So, Yasodha applies colourful decorations to His toes, one in each colour of the nine gems and gold.

She, herself, is in awe at the result. The ten toes of His feet shine so beautifully as gems and gold, that she calls out to her fellow maidens to catch an "eyeful" of His gold-and-gem studded feet.

maNivaNNan pADangaL oNNudalIr vandhu kANIrE!

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