Friday, November 18, 2011

An important truth...

10. cheyththalaiyezhunARRuppOl - Like the crops of the field
Unlike the previous comparisons, this one is deeply philosophical. This is from Periyazhwar Thirumozhi 3-7-7 "cheyththalai yezhunARRuppOlavan cheyvana cheydhukoLLa; maiththaDamugil vaNNan pakkam vaLaraviDumingaLE". This hymn delivers the final word on the true character of the soul.
Swami Pillai Lokacharyar - Courtesy : Pbase Ramanujadasargal

In Mumukshuppadi, Swami Pillai Lokacharya beautifully describes the meaning of the "namas" of Thirumanthram. In this, the Acharya describes our state before and after the realization of the meaning of the "namas". Prior to this realization, the soul thinks that the Lord is for Himself alone, the non-sentient world is only for everyone else and the soul is for both oneself and others. In other words, the soul thinks that the Lord is sovereign; matter is subordinate to the Lord and the souls; the soul is both sovereign and subordinate. A deep philosophical realization dawns upon the soul after knowing the "namas". Post-realization, the soul considers itself as much subordinate to the Lord as non-sentient matter itself, with no tinge of sovereignty. The soul allows itself to be used by the Lord to the best of His wishes in the same manner that He would use a non-sentient object.

Swami Periyazhwar brings out this truth through a comparison in this hymn. "As the crops cultivated by a farmer are his own and are available to be used as he desires, the souls must adhere to the sense of complete subordination to the Lord and let themselves be used as He wishes." As this dwells into esoteric concepts of our tradition, greater elaboration is left to the feet of scholars and preceptors.

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