Thursday, November 10, 2011

White Mountain Kid and Black Mountain Kid

5. veLLip perumalaikkuTTan - karumalaikkuTTan - Baby of the silver mountain and Baby of the black mountain
The baby of the big silver mountain goes in the front; the baby of the black mountain dashes after him from behind. What is going on? Mountains chasing one another? What is happening to our world? Relax.
This is Periyazhwar Thirumozhi 1-7-5. munnalOr veLLip perumalaikkuTTan moDu moDu viraindODap pinnait thoDarndadOr karumalaikkuTTan peyarndaDiyiDuvadupOl, panniyulagam paraviyOvAppugazhp paladEvanennum thannambiyODap pin kUDac chelvAn thaLarnaDai naDavAnO!
veLLip perumalaikkuTTan and karumalaikkuTTan-Courtesy: ISKCON

This mountain-chasing-mountain episode takes place inside Nandagopa's mansion. A closer look reveals that the silver mountain and the black mountain are actually small kids. The bigger kid is silvery white in complexion and is called Balarama. The smaller kid is dark in complexion and is called Krishna. The two kids are running hither-thither all over the house. Balarama runs in front; Krishna follows Him from behind. To an observer, they look like sons of mountains going after one another. moDu moDu viraindODa - They run with accelerating speeds or as they run their feet make the sound "moDu moDu moDu moDu....".

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  1. very nice swami. periyazhwarudaya krishnanubhavame thani daan.