Sunday, December 4, 2011

Most Painful!

16. விடத்தேளெறிந்தாலேபோலே வேதனையாற்றவும்பட்டோம் 
Suffering from the pangs of separation from Krishna, and deciding that future contact would once again result in separation and hence more suffering, the Gopikas decided to go a secluded pond in their village that they believed Krishna did not know. They would then bathe in the cool water to quell the heat of separation.
Being இருளன்னமாமேனியன், having a divine form akin to darkness, He carefully followed them to the pond. When they had left their robes on the shore and had taken the dip, He quickly collected them and rose to a tree top. What ensued thereon was an exchange between Him and them, filled with pleas and condemnations, praises and scorns.
At one stage, the Gopikas reveal the intense pain undergone by them. This comes out through Nachchiyar Thirumozhi, தடத்தவிழ் தாமரைப் பொய்கைத் தாள்கள் எங்காலைக் கதுவ விடத்தேளெறிந்தாலேபோலே வேதனையாற்றவும்பட்டோம் - thadatthavizh thAmaraip poigaith thALgaL engAlaik kadhuva vidaththELeRindhAlEpOlE vEdhanaiyARRavumpattOm. They compare their pain to that endured on the sting of a scorpion. 


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